ah, i see

mayhaps thy revolution aint to be any of my business for i only deal with those of my own planet

how art thou planning to hath revolution when thou art living in the hive of the grand highblood

The rev9luti9n c9ntinues 9n with9ut me. M9st assume me t9 6e dead, I am sure. If they knew I was n9t… I d9 n9t kn9w h9w they w9uld react. Surely, they have m9urned me already.


i am from beforus

sounds to me that thy own planet may be the backwards one

I am fr9m Alternia. I agree that Alternia is 6ackwards. There is t99 much that needs t9 6e changed here. We are in seri9us need 9f a rev9luti9n. M9re pe9ple need t9 stand up and make themselves kn9wn, make it kn9wn that they will n9t accept the treatment that they have 6een s9 call9usly and casually given f9r s9 many sweeps. Warm hued tr9lls sh9uld n9t 6e used as cheap la69r, as slaves, as target practice. We are n9t any 9f th9se. We are equals.


literal killing


if thou art being truthful then no, we are not discussing the same thing in the least

unless thou art from what other strange universes theres being, killing without reason when a troll is merely in need of a culling is illegal and such business wouldst fall upon mine shoulders to hunt down the perpetrators to have them executed

What kind 9f 6ackwards w9rld d9 y9u live in. Certainly it is n9t the same as mine. Perhaps y9u are fr9m a different planet?


a troll still lives even through culling

despite what some may say about the life of a culled troll not being as full as other trolls, they art still very much alive, and it is thy fear tactics what scare trolls who art in truly need of culling away from such

thy hostile words and position in the matter will not get thee very far with me, if thou art trying to convince me of why culling ought to be removed from the system

and tis not my fault that i do not read local papers

: ]

I am 6eginning t9 6elieve we have tw9 different meanings 9f the w9rd “culling.”

I am n9t 6eing metaph9rical when I say culling means killing, as far as I kn9w. I am 6eing quite literal.

Y9ur insults 69re me.


thou art so vehement against culling it is rather amusing to behold

thy fantasies of grandeur must be coupled with thine most strange habit of over exaggerating to push a fear factor what doth not even exist for most

doth thou hath no shame, trying to use words of death to scare the masses into thinking culling is so harmful to them

i wouldst say that culling is what sets us apart from the beasts for it shows the exact care for our fellow troll that thou speak of

Y9u are a6s9lutely depl9ra6le. I d9 n9t adv9cate culling, 6ut if we had t9 cull s9me9ne, it may as well 6e scum like y9u wh9 s9 easily adv9cates f9r murder 9f an9ther tr9ll. Is it s9me kind 9f p9wer trip? D9es it make y9u feel g99d t9 kn9w that y9u are pushing f9r inn9cent tr9lls t9 6e killed?

What malfuncti9n 9f y9ur pan all9ws y9u t9 think such things a69ut culling?

Culling is literally killing. When 9ne gets culled, d9es he n9t cease t9 live? He is thinned fr9m the ranks 6ecause 9f s9me weakness. 6ut wh9 even determines these weaknesses? Surely it cann9t 6e up t9 s9me9ne like y9urself, 9r else the p9pulati9n w9uld die 9ff s9 quickly there w9uld 6e a6s9lutely n9 9ne left t9 c9ntinue 9n with y9ur 6ig9ted rule.

Taking s9me9ne’s life is n9t caring f9r him. It is killing him. It is r966ing him 9f the 9ne thing that every single tr9ll 9n this planet and any 9ther sh9uld 6e entitled t9: living.

I am *n9t* 9verdramatic, and I am sure as hell n9t swimming in delusi9ns 9f grandeur. I did n9t ask t9 6e in this p9siti9n. 6ut I am, and I am aware 9f it. It is n9t my fault that y9u refuse t9 read a paper.


ah yes, for not hearing of thee before is truly what test ought to be given to them who art in need of being tested for their prowess in current culture and events

what a shame, i suppose i must brush up and look up news articles

: ]

i think thou may be over exaggerating

i am aware there are trolls whom wouldst not ever wish to be culled but it can hardly be called murder so much as a kindness in most cases

I am n9t 6eing 6ig headed when I say I am well-kn9wn. Perhaps y9u d9 n9t care 6ecause it is n9t y9ur p9siti9n t9 care. Clearly y9u are a high6l99d, with the way that y9u speak 9f culling. Culling is murder, plain and simple. Trying t9 dress it up as a fav9r t9 the party 6eing culled is 9ne 9f the m9st asinine things I have ever heard, and I have heard plenty 9f asinine things in my lifetime.

I cann9t 6elieve that s9me9ne like y9urself w9uld have such audacity t9 speak like such. D9 y9u have n9 shame? Perhaps instead 9f shame that y9u lack, it is just care f9r y9ur fell9w tr9ll. Y9u w9uld n9t 6e the first n9r the last t9 display such 6razen insult t9wards pe9ple y9u refuse t9 ackn9wledge as 6eing 9n y9ur exact same level.


i hath never heard of someone so blatant about their ideals to be starting and leading a revolution

i suppose the grand highblood must hath culled thee though even if thy rebellious tendencies should have slated thee for execution

Every9ne kn9ws 9f me. There is n9 reas9n t9 6e shy with regards t9 what my plans are and what I feel I sh9uld and shall acc9mplish.

If he culled me, I w9uld n9t 6e talking t9 y9u right n9w, n9? I am very much alive.